Plaintiffs who suffer physical injuries have to meet personal expenses, pay for their medical treatment, pay the attorneys and also fund for their litigation while they await the settlement of their lawsuit. The clients cannot borrow money from their attorneys for ethical reasons and with no other means of finance the claimants have to face great hardships. In such cases proves to be a great relief for the plaintiffs. Make use of the pre settlement litigation funding offered by us and stop worrying about your cash needs.

Litigation Funding at, a permanent solution to all your cash flow worries!

LawsuitCash offers litigation funding with a clear intention of serving our clients and that is obvious from the features of this funding service. You get funds to pay for your litigation at incredible low rates. The applicant does not need to be employed at present, there are no credit checks made. What’s more? You do not even have to pay us back! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well but that’s true, our pre settlement funding plan states that all the costs of funding are repaid by your attorney from your case proceeds when you win the case or it gets resolved. However if you lose, you do not have to pay us back, not even a single penny!!

The main purpose of litigation funding is to offer the clients the finance they require to survive through the pre settlement phase. This also gives both the client and the lawyer more time so that they can demand for a reasonable settlement from the insurance company. Review your requirements and even you can benefit from this litigation funding service proffered by

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