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Welcome to The Lawsuit Cash Network sign-up page. We are the leader in lawsuit funding for one simple reason:  We put you, the Broker, first.

Virtually all of our business comes from professionals just like you. Thus, our goal is to make you successful, because our success depends on your success.

“I recommend The Lawsuit Cash Network to any lawsuit funding broker who has been frustrated with getting their deals denied or underfunded.  My first experience with The Lawsuit Cash Network was getting a funding approved for $2,000 on a deal that had been denied by another funder first.  I was approved three more times that same week.  I now use The Lawsuit Cash Network for all my deals.”

T.B.  Atlanta, GA (2005)

Taking Your Success to the Next Level

Once you are registered with our lawsuit funding network, you can manage and track your submitted cases online. The guidance we provide is designed to help you become a professional consultant rather than simply a referral source.

“The Lawsuit Cash Network is number one in my book.  Other companies sell you a dream.  The Lawsuit Cash Network actually delivers what others promise and more (Highest commission paid, speedy application processing, lowest rates to the client, uncomplicated underwriting guidelines and requirements and broker protection).  My client actually got funded in 4 working days from my original telephone contact, and it was right on the Thanksgiving week too.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

M.S.  Las Vegas, NV (2005)

Choose the Commission You Want to Make--10% or 15%?

When you send a case to The Lawsuit Cash Network, you choose your level of involvement and the corresponding commission rate. (And you can make your selection on a case-by-case basis.)

  • Referring Consultant (earns 10% commission): Send us a referral (client and attorney contact information only) and make 10% of the amount we advance to the client. With this method, we communicate directly with the attorney, including sending all faxes and making all follow-up calls, etc. Advantage: You earn a nice commission with no effort beyond submitting the contact information.
  • Documenting Consultant (earns 15% commission): Assemble and forward the necessary case documents to us and make 15% of the amount we advance to the client. Advantage: We strongly recommend this method, not only because you earn a higher commission, but because by staying involved throughout the process, you build your business while learning The Lawsuit Cash product.

“I want to thank The Lawsuit Cash Network for sharing their expertise and helping me complete a $40,000 funding on my very first case.”

J.V.  Kingsville, TX (2005)

The Risks and Rewards of the Industry

In the $350 billion market of lawsuits, lawsuit funding has been an industry, for approximately 15 years. Initially, companies typically charged the client 15% per month until the case settled; however, competition and other factors have resulted in substantially lower rates. Because most lawsuit funding is non-recourse in nature, the funding source cannot recover payments made if the client’s case is lost, and the client gets to keep whatever was advanced.

Our Standard Fees
There are three fees charged to the client:
  • Your 10% referral fee or 15% origination fee for marketing and processing the case documents.  (As previously mentioned, you receive 10% if you provide contact information only; you receive 15% when you provide the case documents.)
  • A $250 Underwriting Fee.
  • The Monthly Usage Fee. (see schedule below)
 Type of Case

Typical Monthly Fees

 Auto Accident             

2.95%  to 3.50%


2.95%  to 3.50%

 Medical Malpractice      

2.95%  to 4.95%

 Commercial Litigation  

4.99%  to 5.99%

 Settled Cases                 

2.50%  to 2.95%

 Note: Rates are compounded monthly, with 6 mo. min term.

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